Blue Label Construction

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Process #1 Standard Construction Contract

Our Standard Construction Contract process is ideal for clients with existing project drawings who are prepared to proceed with Blue Label Construction. We will assess the project cost based on the drawings, initiate a construction contract, secure permits, complete the construction, and deliver your certificate of occupancy.

Process #2 Conceptual Phase then Design-Build

Our Conceptual Phase is designed for clients requiring floor plan development, MEP narratives, and sometimes exterior elevations, as needed. This phase serves as a cost-effective starting point, typically constituting approximately 10-15% of the overall architectural process. It furnishes us with the necessary information to prepare a Design-Build Contract. Once the Design-Build Contract is in place, we proceed with finalizing project drawings, obtaining permits, commencing construction, and delivering your certificate of occupancy.

Process #3 Design then Build

Our Design-then-Build approach is suitable for clients prepared to initiate their project by first entering into a Design Contract. This contract covers the initial phase of the comprehensive Design-Build process, which involves creating complete construction drawings ready for permitting. Following this, we assess the costs based on these fully detailed drawings and proceed to execute a Construction Contract for the remaining phases of the project.

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